Monday, November 1, 2010

Out Now: Shadow Of The Dahlia By Jack Bludis

Deerstalker Editions is proud to announce the publication of the Shamus Award Nominated Shadow Of The Dahlia by the critically acclaimed Jack Bludis.  It simply doesn't get any better than Jack Bludis.  Don't believe us?  Then check out what other people are saying about Shadow Of The Dahlia:
"Shadow of the Dahlia us a rousing story, compelling told. Forget about it being sent in the 40s; in Jack Bludis's expert hands, this novel transcends all that - it creates its own time, its own place, and is a wonderful read for anybody who loves a good book." -Warren Murphy, Two-time Edgar Winner

"With Shadow of the Dahlia, Jack Bludis proves he is a master of retro noir." -James R. Winter, Private Eye Writers of America newsletter.

"A new twist in a mystery read and kept my interest. The characters were well thought out and the author interwove them nicely within the storyline. There was mystery, adventure and a tad of romance. Well done and recommended." -Shirley Johnson, MidWest Book Review
 Available as both an ebook as well as a special trade-paperback edition! 

Every cop in L.A. Robbery-Homicide is trying to find who killed Elizabeth Short, "The Black Dahlia." At the same time private-eye Rick Page is trying to locate a millionaire's missing wife. In the middle of that case, Page is unwillingly drafted to find a young man who wronged the daughter of a crime lord. Soon bodies tortured in the same manner as the Dahlia begin to pile up, and Page learns he is in deadly danger. To survive, he must discover if the murderer is a cunning copycat attempting to confuse the police, or whether he has fallen under the shadow of the Dahlia's killer.

"Shadow of the Dahlia is a marvelous private-eye novel set in the mid-1940s. The sounds and souls of a generation that survived both the Great Depression and World War II resonate from every chapter, and Rick Page comes across as a realistic and empathetic narrator. The book truly deserves the highest compliment I can pay: I felt that I was reading it in the 1940s, not that Jack Bludis was trying currently to write that way. Shadow of the Dahlia, may be a 'throwback' of a novel, but it is also a 'keeper' as a trophy." -Jeremiah Healy, author of Spiral and Turnabout

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