Monday, November 1, 2010

Out Now: The Raid - A Novel Of Nuclear Terrorism By Irv Eachus

If you like your thrillers to be extra-thrilling and your suspense extra-suspenseful you have to check out the The Raid by the best-selling Irv Eachus!  "A nifty little thriller whose action never flags." -Washington Post. 

Available as both an ebook as well as a special trade-paperback edition! 
A highly-trained team of seven men and women seize a U.S. Navy nuclear cruiser docked at Long Beach and turn its number-one reactor into a weapon aimed at the millions of Southern Californians who live just miles from the dock. Opposing them are the ship's most unorthodox sailor and best reactor technician; the outspoken chief of base security who must decide whether to go in or give up; and the admiral's seventeen-year-old daughter, who discovers just how tough she can really be. Suspense and danger build until the stress�in the people and the reactor�cannot be contained. Here is a unique thriller with profound implications for the more than thirty million Americans who live in the dozen U.S. cities that harbor nuclear-powered ships. Also available in paperback. Irv Eachus served for eight years in the United States nuclear navy as a reactor control operator, technician, and senior instructor in the Reactor Training Division aboard the nuclear-powered cruiser USS Long Beach. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and in political science and is currently at work on a new techothriller, Blackout. "A strong�plausible nuclear thriller. Authentic technical detail, solid characterization � top drawer in this genre." -Kirkus Review. "Action is the key descriptive word for this first novel. Lots of action, a little sex and topical issues." -Library Journal. "...blood, sex, greed and intrigue ... a gripping, suspenseful novel of sabotage, treachery and nuclear blackmail that should keep readers turning pages well past bedtime." -Orlando Sentinel Star. (Check out our Irv Eachus Author Page.)

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