Monday, November 18, 2013

OUT NOW: Irv Eachus' The Men from the Grassy Knoll: A Political Thriller

Deerstalker Editions is proud to announce its newest release, The Men from the Grassy Knoll, by the distinguished thriller writer, Irving Eachus.

The Men from the Grassy Knoll is a suspenseful, thoughtful and at times heartbreaking novel about the Kennedy Assassination.

Eachus' work "Keeps the reader asking the ultimate question, 'Then what happened?'" -Booklist.

According to many witnesses, not one man - but two - were seen on the grassy knoll that fateful day in November.

This is the story of  Charlie Cross, the second man. Cross, a hippie journalist, was swept up by forces he did not understand and could not escape and manipulated into being at the scene as Oswald fired the fateful shot. But who placed him there? And why? Cross is determined to find the answers.

His quest will lead him to the highest halls of power, to encounters with the nation's most powerful figures including John and Robert Kennedy, Chief Justice Earl Warren, and sly, dangerous J. Edgar Hoover, and others. It will also lead him into the arms of  Laura Mills, a journalist who becomes supporter, rival and lover,

But when Charlie uncovers the identity of the man pulling the strings, it is the one person no one would have ever guessed.

 Suspense novelist Irving Eachus, author of The Raid and Sunstroke, served as an Instructor at the Navy's Nuclear Power Training Unit outside of Idaho Falls, Idaho (a principal locale in The Men from the Grassy Knoll). For twenty years he was on the staff of University of California. He has devoted much of his life to studying and evaluating the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the enormous, labyrinthine body of work that has grown up around it.

Here is what the critics say about Irving Eachus' novels:
"...plausible ... full of authentic technical detail, solid characterization - top drawer in this genre," Kirkus Review.
"...should keep readers turning pages well past bedtime," Orlando Sentinel Star.

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